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Mixing SSDs with same capaccity but different form factors in the same FlashPool


Hi Folks,


Is it possible to mix SSDs of same capacity but with different form factors in the same FlashPool?


Suppose, we have DS2246 and DS4246 both containing 400GB SSDs and we are creating a FlashPool with some SSDs from DS2246 and some from DS4246.

Is this supported?


Also, can we assing one of the SSDs from DS4246 as a spare for the 2.5" SSDs?




Brikesh B. Nair




Please check the link: http://www.netapp.com/ca/media/ds-3096-0913.pdf

Refer  table 1 on page 3

Flash Pool support Mixed shelf SSDs + HDDs:  DS2246, DS4246

Refer table 2 on page 4 Flash Pool also works in “shelf-to-shelf” configurations in which SSDs from a pure SSD shelf are combined into an aggregate with HDDs from other shelves


Refer http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4070.pdf for requirements.

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