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Modify Home Node for a LIF non-disruptively

I've noticed that on one of our two-node FAS8700 clusters both NFS LIFs have an identical home node. My question is - if I modify the home node will this cause any disruption?


I can use something like the following command to change the home node

network interface modify -vserver pnl0003svpr1201 -lif pnl0003svpr1201_nfs_lif1 -home-node pnl0003scpr1606


Elsewhere the first LIF will use the first node as home node and the second LIF will use the second node as home node whereas in this cluster both NFS v3 LIFs are homed on the second node:

pnl0003svpr1201_nfs_lif1 pnl0003scpr1607 a0a-2376
pnl0003svpr1201_nfs_lif2 pnl0003scpr1607 a0a-2376

currently, all NFS traffic to this SVM goes via the ports of the second node and over the interconnect which is 100Gpbs these days I think.


Re: Modify Home Node for a LIF non-disruptively

modifying the lif to have a new home, no.  There will be a blip as it "goes home" to the new port. 


This is normal for NFS.  

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Re: Modify Home Node for a LIF non-disruptively

cool, thanks.


migrated them with no issues.

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