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Modify management network interface on cluster mode with 2 nodes




I want to modify my network management config and may you advise me what is the best solution to do it

We have a FAS3250 with two node on cluster mode.


I'll expect to modify 6 interfaces :


Two by node (e0m and SP(RLM) and the cluster management (e0a) ?


Firstly,i think the best solution is to connect by the SP(RLM) for each node and modify e0m interface and the cluster management ?

and finally connect by cluster management to modify the SP ?


What do you think ?


Is this command good to modify management interface and e0m ?


network interface modify -vserver "name" -lif

"datalif1" -address "IP" -netmask "mask" -auto-revert



What is the command to modify the SP(RLM) ?



Thanks for your reply

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