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Modify the vserver IPSPACE

hello all,

we have created SVM on the default IPSPACE and configured volumes and snapmirror relationship on it but now we need to change the IPSPACE of the SVM, is there a way to solve this problem without destroying the SVM as this is not possible, is there a way to maintain the snapmirror relationship and keep the replicated volumes data ?

we are running CDOT version 9.1P13


Re: Modify the vserver IPSPACE

Based on our documentation you cannot change the Ipspace of an svm.
IPspace considerations
You must assign an IPspace to an SVM when creating the SVM. You cannot modify or remove the
IPspace for the SVM later


Re: Modify the vserver IPSPACE

You cannot modify the IPspace after creation but you can create a new SVM. The same aggregates can be assigned to the new SVM. After the configuration is complete. Then use the volume rehost command to assign the volumes to the new SVM and IPspace. This avoids block copy of the data.

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Re: Modify the vserver IPSPACE

this is the exact procedure that i have done and it worked for me:


1- rename svm

2- create a new svm with correct configuration

3- delete snapmirror from old svm (without snapmirror break command so the configuration of snapmirror can be retained)

4- rehost the volume to a new created svm

5- create snapmirror relationship on the new SVM

6- trigger snapmirror update  

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