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Mounting a LUN from a volume snapshot


This is for ONTAP 9.7.


I have a volume, let's call it /vol/vol1. It's set to create daily snapshots. I have a (Fiber Channel) LUN of the same size in that volume, let's call it /vol/vol1/lun1. The LUN is mounted to several ESXi hosts. I cloned a snapshot of the volume to a new volume - /vol/vol1_snap. What I'm trying to do is mount the LUN within that cloned snapshot, but I can't figure out how.


I tried creating a LUN in System Manager and for the source volume I pointing it to the cloned snapshot. That seemed to work. However, when I mounted it to the ESXi hosts, all I got was an empty datastore. It didn't recognize that there is already LUN data there.


Is a there a way to do this, either in the GUI or the CLI?



Naturally, I figured it out almost right after I posted this: when you create a clone from a snapshot of a volume that has a LUN, it automatically adds the LUN from the clone to the list, which you can then mount to whatever you need to like any other LUN.


I just didn't notice that it had done that because it assigns the exact same name as the original LUN!