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ONTAP Discussions

Move LUN from 7-Mode to Clustered Data ONTAP 9.6 P2


I don't have much hope for this given everything that I have read, but I am hoping someone may have some ideas.  We have a number of LUNs on a 7-Mode filer, each of which contains only the Linux root operating system volume and we are trying to avoid having to rebuild the servers.  From what I reading, it looks like we can't use 7MTT since we are running OnTap 9.6 P2.  a SnapMirror relationship doesn't look like an option since TDP is no longer supported.





I see lot of suggestions been already made here. I was wondering if you given 'ndmpcopy' a thought. B'cos with NDMPCOPY it does not need any additional infrastucture, as long as the 7-mode can talk to cDOT over IP, you can use ndmpcopy to pull the LUN from 7-mode to cDOT irrespective of what filer/protocol/file-system is sitting beneath it. For ndmpcopy it's just a file (works at logical level). Once you have the LUNs transfered to cDOT, you can re-map them to remote linux just as you do with the new luns.

I have used it for copying some of the SQL DB luns (about 5 yeald old) on a compliant request for one company. There were able to connect to those DBs successfully.  Note: Just for reference I have provided this link, but there are enough KB artciles on ndmpcopy on NetApp kb site.




Do we have to physically cable the 7-Mode filer to the Clustered Mode filer in order to use that?


via fabric switch yes. You'll also need seperate fcp lifs on the cluster.


Your LUNs should meet the following requirements before beginning an FLI migration.

  • FLI requires at least one FC port on each controller and to have LUNS migrate directly in Initiator mode.
  • Foreign LUN must be marked foreign on the destination array to prevent assignments from ONTAP.
  • Foreign LUN must be in an import relationship before starting import.
  • The LUN must be the same size as the foreign LUN and must have the same disk block size. Both of these requirements are taken care of during the LUN creation steps.
  • The LUN must not be expanding or contracting.
  • The LUN must be mapped to at least one igroup.
  • NetApp LUN should be brought offline before creating a relationship. However, after the LUN relationship is created, it can be brought back online in case of online FLI.


  • All migrations are at the LUN level.
  • FLI supports Fibre Channel (FC) connections only.
  • FLI does not support iSCSI connections directly. In order for iSCSI LUNs to be migrated using FLI, the LUN type must be changed to FC. After the migration is complete, the LUN type is changed back to iSCSI.


In terms of hardware, we have the following:


Filers that the LUNs currently exist on that we want to migrate from:





Filers that we want to move the LUNs to:

AFF8040 connected to CN1610 cluster switches



So these are the iscsi luns not fc luns, correct?


* FLI does not support iSCSI connections directly. In order for iSCSI LUNs to be migrated using FLI, the LUN type must be changed to FC. After the migration is complete, the LUN type is changed back to iSCSI.

Since you're moving onto ONTAP9.6P2  I would open a case with Support to assist you. 


Yes correct, they are iSCSI LUNs.




for iSCSI on Linux i would suggest to use LVM and create a raid1 copy. and later remove the first disk.

you can see it described in this doc (for Oracle, but should also work for the root drive)



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Regarding the LVM idea, the document that was linked (https://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4336.pdf#%5B%7B%22num%22%3A40%2C%22gen%22%3A0%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22XYZ%22%7D%2C84%2C390%2C0%5D) says that "The Oracle ASM and LVM migration methods are used only to migrate Oracle databases in SANbased environments." which doesn't make it sound like we could use that for a boot LUN?


You can use FLI (foreign LUN import).

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