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Move SVM (CIFS/NFS) from one cluster to another cluster.


Hi All,

We have two separate clusters in our environment. Once cluster is using for production environment and another is for non-production. There are 2 nodes (CDvM200) in production environment and 1 node for non-prod environment. Both the clusters are running on 2 different domains and they are running on ONTAP 9.6 version. All the SVM’s in both clusters serving CIFS and NFS protocol only.

We have created 2 SVM’s (prod.com domain) in production cluster and two SVM (nonproad.com) in non-production cluster.

Now we wanted to move one SVM from non-production cluster to production cluster with existing (nonproad.com) domain.  This SVM serves CIFS shares and NFS exports for nonproad.com domain.

We wanted to move all CIFS shares and NFS exports to Production cluster in dedicated SVM to avoid shares conflict because there are same name shares are available in production cluster SVM and non-production cluster SVM.

Please any one help us for procedure to move SVM (CIFS/ NFS Shares) from one cluster to another cluster as per my environment?





Re: Move SVM (CIFS/NFS) from one cluster to another cluster.

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