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Moving 7-Mode root partition



The company I support has a HA FAS3250 with unsupported X412 drives which has the root partitions for both controllers using NetApp Release 8.2.5P1 7-Mode. There is a DS2246 shelf with X425 as spares assigned to controller A, which I would like to use as the root partition and then move the volumes so as to remove the shelf of unsupported X412's.

I would like to know if it is possible to move both controllers root partition's to the new shelf and if it can be done non-disruptively.

Has anybody got a procedure for this process please?



I am sure you should be able to do that, last time I remember doing this was about 8 years back.  This is /useto be very popular topic. I am sure you can find number for references from the community threads.  By utilizing failover/giveback you can do it NDU.


One such:

Solved: Moving root volume - NetApp Community