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Moving OSSV target filer


I have severak OSSV clients that I am backing up to one of our filers a FAS2040 - ONTAP 8.1.4P1 - is there a way to move the endpoint data without carrying out a re-sync or initial lrep sync as these servers are in Baku, Romania, Cyprus and several Kakahkstan offices.


Can I use snapmirror? to mirror the OSSV targets to the new filer then cut them over in DFM?  I'm looking to move them to a FAS2240-4 running the same ONTAP version.


Any help or suggestions is much appreciation.


Re: Moving OSSV target filer


Yes., You can. Take a look at the section "Migrating SnapVault data using volume SnapMirror" on page#193 of this document.


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