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Multiple SVM or Single?

I have purchased a FAS8020 2 node CDOT cluster. Only using it for SMB3 for HyperV.

I have created 2 aggregates, one on each shelf.

Do I need 2 SVMs with their volumes in each separate aggregate to spread the cpu load or will one SVM still spread the load across both nodes?


Re: Multiple SVM or Single?

SVM does not perform any “load spreading” automatically. You can have volumes from multiple aggregates in the same SVM; but assigning your workload to these volumes is up to you as administrator.

Re: Multiple SVM or Single?

Sorry I should have explained more.

I create a single SVM, with 2 volumes in separate aggregates assigned to different nodes. When a CPU intensive task like dedupe runs, does it use the cpu of the node hosting the aggregate?

Re: Multiple SVM or Single?

Re: Multiple SVM or Single?


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