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NDMP Backup and snapshot commvault


NetApp NDMP backup with commvault  consuming more snap reserve space  for  large size volume and volumes that are undergoing frequent block level changes . Current protection is NFS =1 hr and iSCSI=3 days. 

what would be ideal snapshot policy time to apply to handle write intensive application? 

Can we use auto delete for snapshot? which that impact on backup?


Vol Dedup is not enabled. planning to enable this. hoping to reduce snapshot size.



Enabling dedupe will only have an effect on active data, not those blocks that are protected by Snapshots. What I tell customers with large data sets changing is to minimize the Snapshot frequency when possible. Then figure out how long a dedupe run takes. Schedule the Dedupe run to run AND finish before the scheduled snapshot time. This will provide the best results. If the dedupe run take around 2 hours and if you take Snaps at 0800,1200 & 1600, maybe have the dedupe run at 0500, 0900 and 1300. That would capture most changes and be best in the Snapshots.


Autodelete may not be the best in this case. Most protections apps (like CommVault) take a snapshot and expect it to be there until it deletes it. If the autodelete removes a CV snapshot, it may get confused.


I am not familiar enough with CommVault to answer further.


Hope this helps at least a little.



thanks for the suggestion. it helps..


Have created this table to tackle snap reserve space usage. any comments?


Volume Size Snap Reserve Snapshot space Description(disk type)
<  1TB 20% 200GB High performance,General purpose storage
>1TB< 2TB 15% 300GB High performance,General purpose storage
>2TB<5TB 5% ~250GB General purpose storage,Utility storage
>5TB 5% 250GB General purpose storage,Utility storage