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NDMP MIgration from Isilon


Customer has a new FAS8200 with 9.4 ONTAP. They also have an older Isilon with 100+ CIFS shares and around 200 million small to tiny files. The Isilon is currently being backed up by Commvault. The shares have been modified through the years to effectively negate XCP from contention as no one has rights to everything (or, even any large portion).


Since Comvault is working I asked to have an account added to the Backup role and in the Backup Operators group. This action allowed me to use XCP SCAN on about 1/3 of the Isilon, most of the shares gave me access denied.


Customer is wondering, "The Isilon had a tool that just used NDMP to copy this stuff onto it with the permissions in this state, why can't you do the same thing in reverse?"  So, that leads to the questions I have for the community. Is there a NetApp tool analogous to isi_vol_copy? Is ndmpcopy going to be able to foot the bill, and if so what is the steps to do so? I can't imagine this is the only customer with a NAS situation this messy, so what are the available options?  Thanks.



Have you thought of using EMC's emcopy utility?  I believe you can use it in Backup mode with your service account and get the data copied over safely.  It operates much like Robocopy, but after the initial copy it's much faster to compare and only copy changes files.