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NFS Volume Mount Client Listing cDOT 8.3


I have used the following procedure to identify what clients are accessing NFS exports in a cDOT cluster.




We recently upgraded the client to 8.3.1 and have discovered that this procedure no longer provides which volume the client is accessing, and I can't find any documentation that would provide an alternate method.


Does anybody have any suggestions or know of a way to obtain the volume that a client is accessing via NFS in 8.3+?




Michael Pedigo


Re: NFS Volume Mount Client Listing cDOT 8.3


This process works for me. You have to collect statistics data first.  I only let it run for a few seconds. You may want to let it run longer depending on the amount of NFS activity you have.


statistics start -object client


statistics stop


statistics show -object client -counter nfs3_ops -fields Instance, Value

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