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NFS mounting vol0 of Cluster Node


In cDOT enviromnet, Is there any way to NFS mount an Vol0 of node on a Linux machine..?



See KB 1012523 for description how to manually collect logs.

View solution in original post


See KB 1012523 for description how to manually collect logs.

View solution in original post


Hi Ravindra, 




If it is your cdot environment , you have to try " vol modify " command with vserver name as your node name and use option "-policy " to export it.


Policy option could be your "default" or user create policy . Once you export it through that policy, try mounting it on the servers mentioned in the rule of export policy. 


First, try this command to check the export policy value ( vol show -vserver NODENAME -volume vol0 ), whiich should be something like this .


Vserver Name:nodename-1
Volume Name: vol0
Aggregate Name: aggr_root_nodename_01
Volume Size: 442.4GB
Volume Data Set ID: -
Volume Master Data Set ID: -
Volume State: online
Volume Type: RW
Volume Style: flex
Is Cluster-Mode Volume: false
Is Constituent Volume: false
Export Policy: -
User ID: -
Group ID: -
Security Style: -


After this, decide if you want to export it to default export policy or user defined policy . Use that to bind it to the "vol0"


Let me know your result


You do not mount vol0 via NFS in cDOT. In fact, it's not possible at all.


Vol0 in cDOT is the "mroot" volume. That collects system logs, contains the replicated database, etc.


What is the use case for needing to access the root volume?


I am running cDOT simulator in local system. The vol0 is getting full daily, I dont have any storage space to increase  volume size and  I have disabled Autosupport, Audit log.. etc..  I am bored of deleting indivudual files manually in /etc/log. Instead I want to mount the vol0 of node in any unix host and delete the logs regularly by running script.



You can create and run scripts inside of systemshell to get the same effect.



     I went to systemshell, but could not locate where the logs are stored. Do I need to mount any files or filrsystem to access the Vol0 ..?





Logs are stored in /mroot/etc/log and /mroot/etc/log/mlog

Thanks Got it..

Hi You can collect them through your browser also. type clustername/spi/ then you have to enter username and password after that you can access the logs. Please find the below screenshots for your reference.




Mounting vol0 is not advisable, but there is a possibly to mount it. 


I understand that we have all critical files in there, but still if you need it you can mount it using the commands that I gave.

No, it is not possible. Please check your suggested solutions beforehand. a) vol0 is a 7mode volume and cannot be modified with most cdot commands b) vol0 is owned by the "node" vserver which cannot do NFS (only data vserver can do file protocols) c) you would need a data LIF to mount the volume, which cannot be created for node vservers ...and probably a dozen more reasons why it cannot work regards -Michael


It's not supported on 7-mode style volumes:


::*> vol modify -vserver node1 -volume vol0 -policy default

Error: command failed: This operation is not supported on 7-mode volume "vol0".


Perhaps in engineering builds it is, but not in customer-facing builds.

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