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Name mapping Windows -- Unix



Our cDor Cluster runs on  NetApp Release 8.3.2P6. What we ould like to archieve is that we can map a Windows User to any defined Unix User. As you can see below the mapping is configured so that Windows User Dom1\hula sould be mappe to Unix User 1412 (1412 is a different unix user than hula, hula unix user also exists but has different uis)


Unfortunately it doesn't work and DOM1\\hula user will get mapped to pcuser, whcih basically is teh default user. It seems that the mapping rules 2 never takes place (tehre is no mapping rule 1 withing the win-unix direction so Position 2 is the first rule).


Basically name mapping seems to work becaus if we remove position 2, then the user DOM1\\hula will get map to the unix user hula (which is actually also present in the ldap server where all our unix user are, windows user are in AD and AD doen't have any Unix user information).


Was anybody able to map a Windows User to a different Unix user ?




test::vserver name-mapping> show -vserver test01 -direction win-unix
Vserver        Direction Position
-------------- --------- --------
test01         win-unix  2        Pattern: DOM1\\hula
                              Replacement: 1412
test01         win-unix  4        Pattern: DOM1\\(.+)
                              Replacement: \1
test01         win-unix  5        Pattern: DOM2\\(.+)
                              Replacement: \1
3 entries were displayed.

test::vserver name-mapping>







Refer this KB article which explains in detail about How to set up Windows to UNIX user mapping over LDAP,


You can also refer https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1354528/html/GUID-AC4FDDA9-6A40-470C-9073-9F9B366283A9.html



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