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Need Ontap 8.1.4P1 for FAS2240


Hi Everyone..


Actually we have FAS2240 with Data Ontap 8.1.4P1 7-Mode and Filer-A had failed. So we have replaced with New one.

But unfortunately forgot to swap Flash Card from failed filer to new filer.


In result the New Filer is having Ontap 8.2P3 7-Mode has been configured that  newer version then we have in out system.


So system is running but Takeover feature has been disabled due to ontap mismatch.

strga> cf status

strgb is up, takeover disabled because of reason (version mismatch)

strga has disabled takeover by strgb (version mismatch)

        NVRAM TOC: Local 29 Partner 23

        WAFL FSInfo: Local 23589 Partner 22331

        WAFL log: Local 396 Partner 334

        RAID: Local 12 Partner 11

        RAID NVRAM: Local 42 Partner 33

VIA Interconnect is up (link up).


So now we have two options here, one need to upgrade Filer-B to 8.2P3 or downgrade Filer-A to 8.1.4P1.

But to perform both we need those Ontap Firmware. we have tried to search Netapp Support but unable to find any version blow 8.5


So I need help here if someone pls share link to download above version will be really helpful to me


Thank You




hi @Kumaryogi 

8.1 is in self service support and its downloads are no longer available from NetApp support site.

For 8.2 you can download the 8.2.5P3 release which is the latest one and bring both controllers to that version; please beware that in this stage you will not be able to perform a non-disruptive upgrade due to the inability of performing takeover at the moment.


Dear maffo,


I was thinking if there are some FTP or archive link for old firmware.

Our customized applications are designed in such way that we have advised to stuck on 8.1.4P1 only.

So we have to contact to our application programmers and work with compatibility with new 8.2 version.


Well thanks to  you for quick reply and suggestion..

I sincerely appreciating your advise here..


Thanks 🙂     




Hi @Kumaryogi 

unfortunately we do not offer old software (not just ONTAP) when it's past the end of support date.

Please be also aware that 8.1.4 has also not been updated in a while with regards to security fixes: if you have a custom application developed for it, then indeed you will have to confirm it's still compatible with 8.2.5P3 or upgrade it as needed.


Hi, you can take the files from /etc/boot/x86_elf on the working controller then netboot and install the new one with these files.  (you can also copy them to the other flash card if you have a reader).


Here's how to set the partner to be a netboot server.


Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK