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Need cluster management ui on 2 subnets



I'm looking for a way to get the ontap system manager UI to work on 2 different subnets. I think I need to set up an additional cluster management IP for which the system manager, ssh, and api can be accessed for cluster management. Currently working with simple/single fas2720 system and ontap 9.10


I'm on an internal company network where one side is referred to as 'public' and the other 'private'. The private side hosts all our dev/qa work and the public side is for everyone else in the company.


The system was set up with ports e0a and e0b using some 169 auto-config IP addresses.


e0m ports are on our public network hosting the node management IP's as well as the main cluster management IP. This is fine and works well -- it allows our central IT and other teams to access the cluster as required.


I have e0c setup as trunk ports that host separate vlans for both public and private networks.


I'd like to set up a cluster management IP on my e0c private vlan interface. It would make application access and management for the isolated team much easier (Most of our SVM's will be on the private network with some occasional SVM's dedicated to our other public network)


Is this possible, and where can I look for information? I can work through CLI access on any interface a needed.

Let me know if posting any (redacted) log/config information would be helpful.

Thanks much!



It is definitely possible. This KB references one potential issue: https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting%2FData_Infrastructure_Management%2FONTAP_System_Manager%2FSystem_Manager_not_being_accessed_from_seco....


One thing I'd suggest is setting up a route for AutoSupports to specifically in your routing table or any other external resources in ONTAP.