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Need to stop existing snapvault relationship --maintain data and start a new relationship



I am new to snapvault so I need to have some verification of the correct way to perform a certain function.


I used LREP to import data onto a volume and that volume now shows as snapvaulted.


A Windows server was used to move the LREP data to the volume so the source is the Windows server IP address.


So the volume shows the snapvault source for the volume now is the IP address of the Windows server.  Let 's say it is


Now I need to stop the snapvault relationship between the Windows server ( and start a new relationship to the primary netApp array , lets say it is  It extremely important that I keep the data in tact on the volume and don't start a new baseline transfer.  I need to be able to retain all the data on the volume.


Can someone please explain the commands I need to do to change snapvault relationship on the volume from to while keeping the data intact.





Is the snapvault managed out of protection manager because if so, it's a nightmare.....


If not, you should be able to use the snapvault modify -S

and then you can do snapvault status -c (to check it )


snapvault start -r -S