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NetApp CIFS File Share slow preference

  1. After 1.5MB copied to CIFS File Share, it took another 30 seconds to access properties page of file / opening file.
  2. We repeat action 1 - 2 with another 70MB file. It took 60 seconds to complete copy and another 180 seconds to access properties page of file / opening file. (Note: File explorer was "not responding" when accessing properties page)
  3. It took 60 seconds to copy 70MB file from CIFS File Share from NetApp FAS 2720 NAS to Windows 10 workstation.
  4. After 70MB file copied to CIFS File Share, it took 5 seconds to access properties page of file / opening file.


But we checked on EMS log, there were some info message " wafl.scan.ownblocks.done:debug]: Completed block ownership calculation on volume ixxxxxh_mxxxxxxxr_clone_23102021_124103_dr @vserver:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1. The scanner took 80 ms."

" wafl.vol.snap_create.done:debug]: params: {'type': 'Volume', 'owner': '', 'vol': 'ixxxxxxxxxxxxne_23102021_124103_dr', 'app': '', 'volident': '@vserver:bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1', 'run_time': '23964'}"

Is that the issue effect the CIFS preference?


Those are debug messages and can be ignored.



Is there Crowdstrike client version 6.24.x ?

Usually with CIFS, slowness is either at the Network layer or at the Volume (disk level), in general I suggest gathering some information around it's historical performance so that you could take the right path in identifying the cause.


Kb Pointer to help troubleshoot:


Thanks for your reply, but we tried to upload a 200MB file to share folder, the preference is accepted. Just few sec can be uploaded to share folder. But after uploaded, we wanna open or modify the file in the share folder, the windows file explorer will be idle for a mins. sometime file explorer will no response. when we try to copy the files from share folder to local disk, it will idle for calculate the copy file time for around a mins than coping files just spend few sce to copy. I think network should be no problem. Any recommandation about this issue? Many Thanks...


I am assuming this is ruled out (Crowdstrike) ?

Is this same from multiple workstations ?

Is the CIFS share via IP or FQDN, security style of the volume and could you share the 'secd' logs from the controller ? Might be worth doing pktt trace just to rule out any issues from storage side.


Have a look at this kB.


Hi please start here: https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/How_to_troubleshoot_performance_issues_in_ONTAP_9


Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions/feedback.