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NetApp Connect Server no AD Authentication


on a fresh installed Server 2008 R2 (incl. .NET Framework and Office 2010 Prof.) with NetApp Connect Server it is not possible to authenticate yourself at the dashboard with a domain login. I did it like the install guide says but I'm only able to login via the account that you have to set up during the installation.

The AD Groups are there, I'm a member of this group and I configured the Authentication Configuration section unter Policy & Configuration. After executing the changes the server reboots, I restart the browser but it doesn't work...

Any ideas what this might be?


Re: NetApp Connect Server no AD Authentication

I logged a ticket to Netapp Support.

AD Group Authentication is cluster mode isn't supported.

It is slated to be fixed in 8.4 apparently.

The work is you can add users individually.

Re: NetApp Connect Server no AD Authentication

Paul, I'm not sure if your response is correct. NetApp Connect does not depend upon ONTAP for AD authentication.

To the original poster (sorry, I don't know your name), my guess is you've setup the AD parameters, but you didn't also enable AD authentication. Please login to the dashboard as the built-in admin user, go to the "Policy & Configuration" tab, and ensure that the "User Database" setting under "Authenticator Configuration" is set to "Microsoft Active Directory". Even if you've setup all the Active Directory parameters, you also need to enable AD. If it's set to "Internal Database", please set it to MS AD, then click the stage changes button beneath that section of the form, and then execute the changes to actually enable it. The screenshot below shows what I'm suggesting.

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