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NetApp DSM Path State


Hello all, I am currently investigating a potential issue with DSM 4.0.1 on a couple of Windows 2008 R2/ Windows 2012 hosts. All of the LUNs I have mapped to my CDOT 8.2P3 cluster are showing Path State Active/Optimized for 2 paths and Unavailable for 2 other paths. The TPG state for the Active/Optimized paths is Active/Optimized and for the Unavailable paths is Active/Unoptimized.

I assume the TPG state is correct and relates to the Cluster-Interconnect ports being available but they are not an optimal path, therefore they should not be chosen in failure unless both optimized paths are down. However, if I edit the paths that are unavailable my only option is Active/Optimized. If I manually set the paths to Active/Optimized, as I understand it seems the system will use these paths as optimized and thus, send I/O over the interconnects.

So the question I guess is should I be setting the Path State to Active/Optimized even though the TPG state is Active/Unoptimized? Or did I miss something during the configuration?

Thanks in advance.


Re: NetApp DSM Path State


I just tested this out. I took the 2 LIFs offline that are attached to this cluster node, so it's going across the cluster interconnect to the other cluster member. Did a rescan in diskmgmt and checked the properties of the disk I was testing with. Now the interfaces that were showing path state Unavailable (when all 4 LIFs were active) now only show 2 paths, both being Active/Unoptimized. These paths also have the same Path ID. So this appears to be the proper configuration.

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