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NetApp FSCT testing


Trying to run FSCT(File Server Capacity Tool) test on FAS3250 running ONTAP version 8.1.2 7-Mode, All scenarios are running fine except "ExplorerFileDelete"     

This is failing with "NtCreateFile xC000004F: STATUS_EAS_NOT_SUPPORTED" error

As per the below table, this error indicates the CIFS server file system does not support Extended Attributes.


Is there any CIFS specific setting that would make Extended Attributes supported. I have already tried NTFS and Multiple protocol Security style for CIFS Protocol

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

Hi Korso, I have already tried Access-Based Enumeration, no luck. Please suggest, if you have any. I could not respond to you, as "reply" link is not working 


Re: NetApp FSCT testing

Have you tried this command on the CIFS Share?

cifs shares -change * -accessbasedenum

Re: NetApp FSCT testing


I don't have an answer right away but I would suggest to use also the Microsoft FSCT Forum. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=fsct

But I am also very interested in how you are performing the test.

Because I'll need to do a FSCT test on a 8-node cDOT cluster in the near future.

So please get in touch with me. btom@netapp.com

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