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NetApp Harvest with existing remote Grafana

Hey All I am trying to get NetApp Harvest v1.4.1 working with Graphite, but with an external Grafana server that already exists.  I am able to add a "Graphite" datasource in my Grafana....but I cannot make it the "default" datasource because my default is already defined as InfluxDB and I don't want to change it.  When I import my NetApp Harvester dashboards using 'netapp-manager -import', they all have datasources defined as "default".  Is there any way to import them with a custom datasource name, or mass change them all to "graphite" which is the name I've given to my graphite datasource?




Re: NetApp Harvest with existing remote Grafana

Try to change in datasource settings and set Graphite as default. 


Please check attachment. 

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