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I have a couple of questions about migrating SVMs from an older NetApp to an AFF 300.

First, the old NetApp is on version 9.1 and the new one will be probably at 9.7.   Is there a limit on how far apart the versions can be?

Second, I hate to say I can't find how SVMs are migrated.   Do I attach the new cluster to the old cluster in the management portal?   These NetApps will be connected with shared 10G switches for the cluster interconnect.




Re: NetApp Migration


There are a couple ways.   Couple questions though for you? 


What's the old gear?  Can it go past 9.1?  


Here's the snapmirror inter op though.  



9.1 cannot officially go to 9.7. 


however, since you're planning to connect them to the same cluster.. you just migrate via copy.   

Re: NetApp Migration


1. If the old cluster can be upgraded to 9.7, you may want to see if it's viable to upgrade ONTAP first.  You may need to do a jump or two along the way because you're a long way back.  It may be helpful to find the oldest version that the AFF300 can support (I'm too lazy to look that for up you) so you can meet in the middle.

2. Join the AFF300 to the cluster (add switches if the old cluster is a switchless cluster).

3. Once you've got the new nodes in the old cluster, simply vol move your data in the background. 

4. Remove the old nodes from the cluster.

5. Upgrade the AFF300 cluster to 9.7P7 if you don't go there in step 1.


You can theoretically do the entire migration without any downtime at all. 

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Re: NetApp Migration


Thank you.  I was trying to make it harder than I needed to.  

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