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NetApp harvest testing




I am currently in the process of installing NetApp harvest on RHEL to get the metric data from the storage devices, add it to InfluxDB database and project it Grafana. I have the document for the installation and I'm at the part where setup needs to be made on NetApp CLI. Unfortunately I do not have any free devices to test on, as they are running in production. I got an advice for a person who said that, the ONTAP operating system of NetApp can be installed on a 3rd party device or as a virtual OS and then be used with NetApp Harvest.


Can ONTAP installed in a virtual machine work with NetApp harvest? How does it push metric data when it is virtually connected?


I would be glad If someone from the community could guide me.






Though I haven't tested harvest with ONTAP Select, I do not see any problems here.


Also, you might be interested in this pre-configured, out of the box harvest in ova template (NABOX), so you do not have to configure all by yourself from scratch.