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NetAppDocs - import asup data


I  am trying to wrap up a project for a customer. I have used NetAppDocs in the past to create final reports, but I was always onsite having network access to the live environment. Now I have no direct access to the customer site but can download their asup data from the NetApp support site. Is it possible to use the downloaded asup data to create the documentation and if so, what is the option to import the data?





ASUP logs can be imported or viewed through multiple tool. You can use smartsolve and access the specific system serial number and download whatever command output based on the Austosupport collected. You can also use tool called NetApp OneCollect which  is a data collection tool that collects data from ONTAP, E-Series, Solid Fire, various operating system hosts and switches.  OneCollect tool can be used by Customers, Partners and Internal users.  The collected data is used for troubleshooting, solution validation, migration and upgrade assessments.




First of all - thank you for responding to my question.


I do understand that ASUPs are used and available in other NetApp tools and I have used most of all.  My real question is how can I use NetAppDocs to create reports for my customers if I do not have a way to access their production systems?  I am no longer onsite and have no VPN access to their network.


Is there a way I can download ASUPs from the NetApp Support site and import the ASUP into NetAppDocs?




You should be able to import ASUP triggered by using the New-NtapClusterAsupBuildDocument command.

You can run the help New-NtapClusterAsupBuildDocument -full which will provide you with all the parameters and more info regarding this command; example:


PS>New-NtapClusterAsupBuildDocument -Name den-cdot:394e82bf-485c-11e2-86b3-123478563412 -ExcelFile
'D:\den-cdot.xlsx' -WordFile 'D:\den-cdot.docx' -CustomerName 'NetApp' -CustomerLocation 'Denver Lab'

Captures the data from the most recent weekly ASUPs for the specified storage system and outputs the specified
Word and Excel documents (includes customer name and customer location on the cover pages).