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Netapp API

Hi ,


I am beginner for Netapp API . I have it install on linux box but ni idea how to start using API to connect to my storage and get information that i need .

Is there any step by step guide for using API for a beginner ?




Re: Netapp API

A good place to start would be the documentation for the ZEDI (Zexplore Development Interface) which is a Java application packaged with the Manageability SDK download. It'll allow you to explore the API library.




What are you hoping to accomplish with the API? That answer might drive some more discussion or help people point you to additional documentation. 

Re: Netapp API

Thank you .

i like to run script  and get report from the cluster . When i open zxplore from sdk package i get this error :33.PNG

Re: Netapp API

i would like to learn to use API coomands for getting information from storage .

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