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Netapp CLuster Base License


Any one able to tell me Where did you get the base license from to create the cluster.  it is not on the system , or in the box.


When I login to licenses portal on Netapp I see the protocol licenses but not the base cluster license


So at the moment i have a couple of 8040 waiting to become a cluster but no initial base license to create the cluster


Cheers for any info


Base cluster license is not associated with specific hardware serial number. Search for sales order; it should be part of the same sales order as protocol licenses.


Hi Smokey,


my name is Chriz Ott, working for the NetApp transition team.


Thanks for that question, I have seen that comming up more frequently in the last couple of weeks.


Whilee aborzenkov's statement is correct, that the Base-license comes with the initial order, there are some situations where that might not have happened.

If you can not see your baselicense in your Salesorder on our support-website, contact your account team and ask them to get the licesnsing team to create one for you. (two for a MetroCluster)

This should be at no cost and should not take longer than a few days.


Hope thath helps.


cheers chriz

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What if you bought one of these units off ebay.  How can you get a protocol license for home use.


Hi Ctelf,


according to the NetApp license agreement software licenses are not transferrable.

So even if you bought the hardware off ebay, the previous owner is not entitled to sell the licenses with it, and adhering to the ELA he obviously also didn't, otherwise you wouldn't ask.

So in order to get a cluster base as well any feature licenses you need to have a valid contract with NetApp.


To quote from the ONTAP ELA:



3. License Grant. NetApp grants to You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, worldwide, limited and revocable license, without the right to sublicense, to i) install and use the Software for Your internal business purposes only, and ii) use the Documentation in support of Your use of the Software.

The Software associated with Your license is either bundled with a specific storage controller identified by a unique serial number (“Controller-based”), or is independent of a storage controller (“Standalone”), and Your license is one of the following license types: a) “Life-of-controller”: Controller-based licenses granted for the period of time during which Your storage controller is operable; b) “Perpetual”: Standalone licenses granted in perpetuity; c) “Term”: Controller-based licenses or Standalone licenses granted for a fixed period of time; d) “Capacity”: Controller-based licenses or Standalone licenses granted for a specified amount of raw storage capacity, number of hosts or other measure of usage; and e) “Subscription”: Controller-based licenses or Standalone licenses which may be purchased on a periodic basis.



We also do have an evaluation program, but this is limited to certain features only and we provide time-limited license keys. A relationship with NetApp also needs to be in place (partner, VAR, customer,...), but would also give you limited time only.


Kind regards, Niels




I have searched repeatedly for a solution to this and i have read a few stories ot netapp helping people with this.  I would like to use this filer for home use.  I currently have a older dell and that is running a VM and one of them is ubuntu server and on that i have the fiber HBA card that connects to a ds14mk2. This is slow so i purchased this 3020 with hopes of it working.  Other then putting freenas on the 3020 is there any other solutions that netapp would help with.  I payed good money for this filer and hate to see it bricked.  can someone help?


The cluster base license is not associated with any of the controller serial numbers like the protocol or feature licenses.

A cluster is a seperate entity, comprised of several controllers. That's why a cluster has its own serial number as hardware within that cluster might change over time.

This is different from 7mode and unfortunately this leads to confusion as in your case.

In order to find the cluster base license for your cluster, you'd need to look for the cluster serial number. Obviously that's not printed on any hardware...


As already suggested, please look at your Sales Order number (SO). There you should find the cluster serial number.



use that serial number to look for the cluster base license.


If you still come up empty, do as Chriz suggested and reach out to the local sales team.


Kind regards, Niels