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Netapp OnCommand SysMgr Deleted Snapshots


Hi guys,

I have a volume that was created a few months ago, it was taking snpshots daily. Recently the Virtual Machines we had running using this datastore/volume were not booting up. We were looking to restore but when checking the volume we couldnt see any previous snapshots. The snapshots only started to begin on that day. If the volume was full would this in any way start deleting the old snapshots? or how would snapshots get deleted other than manually deleting them? 



Re: Netapp OnCommand SysMgr Deleted Snapshots


A flexible volume can be configured to automatically reclaim space in case the volume is about to run out of space, by either increasing the size of the volume or deleting snapshots in the volume. If this option is set to volume_grow ONTAP will try to first increase the size of volume before deleting snapshots to reclaim space. If the option is set to snap_delete ONTAP will first automatically delete snapshots and in case of failure to reclaim space will try to grow the volume.

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Re: Netapp OnCommand SysMgr Deleted Snapshots


Snapshot autodelete may be turned on.  That would be my guess. 

For cDOT:  volume snapshot autodelete -volume <volume> show



Re: Netapp OnCommand SysMgr Deleted Snapshots


Thanks, I had a look into this further and the option to delete old snapshots is enabled. I guess there is no way to retreive those deleted snapshots ?

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