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Netapp Tools for Monitoring and Capacity/Performance Reporting


System Model: FAS2552
Release 8.2.2RC2 Cluster-Mode




I have a single 2 node NetApp system in clustered mode.


Is there a NetApp tool used for monitoring, capacity and performance reporting?


With this being a small single system, what would be the best solution? 



Anyone out there?




NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2
That is the best way for you.

Oncommand Unified Manager requires a lot of system resources to get it going:




4 * CPU, not less than 9572 MHz

150 GB Disk space, 100GB for OCUM Install and 50GB for mssql





OCUM Install doc



I'd also like to know if there is anything else besides System Manager that can provide basic performance and monitoring for ONTAP 9.1?









Hi John, the best tool for that is the OnCommand Performance Manager (onPrem) or ONTAP Analytics and Telemetry Services (OATS - OffPrem [AWS]).



The links are:


Performance Manager - > https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/oncommand_pm/7.1/


OATS -> https://s3.amazonaws.com/oats-metadata/1.0.1/oats_getting-started.html


Any doubts let me know


Thank you so much to everyone who responded.


So far, we have the following suggestions:


  NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2

  OnCommand Performance Manager (onPrem)

  ONTAP Analytics and Telemetry Services (OATS - OffPrem [AWS])


The only tool I currently am aware we have is Oncommand System Manager 3.1.2, which doesn't have any reporting of capacity and performance capability.


Which of the listed solutions is the best choice? Are all free tools?




We've been an OnCommand Unified Manager + Performance Manager (7.1) shop since we rolled ONTAP 9.  Now that the two tools are integrated into 7.2 I'm a huge fan.  The old tool was a little clunky when you'd switch between a health and performance view but since they're all in one right now it's very easy to use.  


I listened to the OATS TechONTAP podcast and it seems like that would be a great tool for sleuthing out bigger performance issues (like gathering a perfstat used to provide) but for a lot of what we need in our day-to-day operations, OCUM 7.2 fits the bill - and is free...


Hope that helps,





Hi smbsmbsmb, today you can integrate OnCommand System Manager w/ OnCommand Performance Manager, and the direction is the fully convergence between both tools in only and simple one. Those tools are included on ONTAP Systems with no charge and will provide the graphical UI for performance and capacity planning, showing how much room you already used from your systems, helping on solve performance problems and telling if you can add new workloads or need more spindles or compute. You'll have access to a ton of resources linke reports and alerts. This is the way to go if you want to simplify your day-by-day management.
The OATS have a cost related with AWS. NetApp doesn't charge for license, but as a SaaS you will be charged for the CPU, Memory and capacity used from AWS and it is a tool much more related to help the customers on solving performance problems only. It will have a Analytics in near future to help find out what's going on and how to solve complex storage problems.
Expect that helps! Please get back to us to tell about you experience with this tools!


If you have some Nagios-compatible Systemmonitoring in place (op5, Icinga, Shinken, ...) you can try the monitoring-plugins from https://netapp-monitoring.info/en/. They allow a quiete detailed view and analysis.