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Netapp Zero Touch Provisioning

We are trying to setup zero touch provisiong for Netapp CDOT systems.

Does Netapp support any option to boot OnTap non-interactively, (may be using netboot) and configure interfaces, user account, and cluster ?



Re: Netapp Zero Touch Provisioning

No - that functionality is not available.


Storage systems operate across a continum of time, serving out data stored over time, managed and converted through a known set of tasks, not at a point in time, so the switch paragdim where ZTP is common doesn't really follow.


There is netboot functionality (requiring a specific image), but it is for restoring systems with failed and/or replaced boot devices. Even factory configuration is performed by serial port connected automation of scripted commands. If you have enough systems, that may be worthwhile investigating.

Re: Netapp Zero Touch Provisioning

Thank you for the response, AlexDawson.


We have close to 50 Netapp storages that needs to be configured.

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