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Network Default Failover Policy




We have a two node clustered Ontap installed, and when we try to create a logical interface a failover policy named "system-defined" is automatically assigned to a LIF.


As per documentation, system-defined failover policy is defined as "Only those ports in the failover group that are on the LIF's home node and on a non-SFO partner node."

If I interpreate it correct, it wont failover any interface that belongs to its HA partner node.


Will that be a good choice to keep system-defined failover policy for any data LIF if we have a two Node Cluster mode system, and if not is there any reason why Netapp made is default/automatic as automatic assignment.


Please help me understanding it correctly.





In most cases, it is better to create a specific failover group to ensure the interfaces that will be used as failover are appropriate (speed / vlans).

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