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Networking issue for Ontap 8.3 Cluster - NDMP Backup


I am having difficulty with our office's Ontap 8.3 Clustered Netapp. We also have a clustered Ontap 8.2 that is working fine. I am attempting to do NDMP backup requests to the SVM vserver in both scenarios. 


In the working Ontap 8.2 when making hte backup request i see that the data connection goes to the LIF of the SVM an external IP of 10.x.x.x. However when doing the Ontap 8.3 NDMP backup I get an "Unable to establish data connection to address 169.254.x.x." which is the netapp internal network IP for one of the intercluster connections. 


I think some sort of networking settings are incorrect is there something I can provide here to help debug the issue? Thanks os much in advance.




Are you connecting to the data or management LIF? Ontap 8.3 requires that each vserver have a management LIF.




In addition to ensuring the vserver is assigned a management LIF, I'd also recommend checking the NDMP configuration is scoped to the vserver. See the following KB




Also see the additional links in the above KB. hope that helps.



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hi NDMP backup not supporting with the symantec backupexec 2015 latest version with ontap 8.3.1P1 please find the link https://download.veritas.com/resources/content/live/SFDC/25000/000024527/en_US/be_15_hcl.html?__gda__=1457731239_44ea660f59ed7bc92db751ece4ece217#ndmp...   Any solution for this .




Did you mange to get any info this ?