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Networking ping over specific vlan (trying to copy file from netapp to other netapp)



Sorry, topic might not be verry well chosen, cannot find better one tho.


Also, i find it horribly messy, and am commonly updating it to make it better.



I'm trying to copy a file from Netapp Alpha to a other Netapp somewhere else. Lets say Netapp Beta. Both Netapps have a network called vlan 1602. This should be used as the "backup" and "snapmirror" vlan. The machine seems to copy files propertly using snapmirror. I am not 100% sure it uses the vlan 1602 for this, but i think it might just do that.


Currently i am trying to use this vlan to copy back a file using ndmpcopy. The full command would be:

system node run -node Delft-netapp2554-a -command ndmpcopy -sa admin:pass -da admin:pass


This command does not work i think due to network connectivity. The problem seems to be i cannot ping any adress in the 10.0.3.x range from any Netapp. Not the local one let alone the remote one.


I am pinging in this example from the head that owns ip

delft-BN-cluster-1::network> system node run -node Delft-netapp2554-a -command ifconfig -a


       inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast noddns DATA
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast noddns INTERCLUSTER



towards the other netapp (and other head) wich owns

sk-BN-cluster-1::> system node run -node sk-netapp2552-a -command ifconfig -a

        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast noddns INTERCLUSTER


So i can do:

delft-BN-cluster-1::network> ping -node Delft-netapp2554-a -destination
no answer from

And as this is not working, let's try local:

delft-BN-cluster-1::network> ping -node Delft-netapp2554-a -destination
no answer from


I have found that perhaps i need to use -lif as a option, so that i ping using the right interface. Vlan 1602 lives on:

delft-BN-cluster-1::network> network interface show
            Logical    Status     Network            Current       Current Is
Vserver     Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask       Node          Port    Home
----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----
                         up/up        Delft-netapp2554-a
                                                                   e0a     true
                         up/up       Delft-netapp2554-b
                                                                   e0a     true


Here i have a bit of confusion, as .10 did not show up previously. Also not pingable tho.


So next i think i am going to try and ping the other Netapp using the lif sk-delft-backupA so that would come up with:

delft-BN-cluster-1::network> ping -lif sk-delft-backupA -vserver delft-BNAlgemeen -destination

Error: command failed: entry doesn't exist



So to me it seems i have connectivity isues. But i cannot imagine, as i think the snapmirror goes through this connection:


delft-BN-cluster-1::network> snapmirror show
Source            Destination Mirror  Relationship   Total             Last
Path        Type  Path        State   Status         Progress  Healthy Updated
----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
            XDP  delft-BNAlgemeen:delft_backup_03
                                      Transferring   15.89GB   true    12/14 09:10:55


I asume this one is using the vlan 1602, but not sure.


Perhaps it is in the routes:

delft-BN-cluster-1::network> network route show
Vserver             Destination     Gateway         Metric
------------------- --------------- --------------- ------



So my questions summed up:

why can i not copy? It it due to network connectivity? And if so, does anyone see where it might go wrong?