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New to Cluster mode - some questions



We recently migrated from 7-mode to cluster-mode 8.2.1P1, using OnCommand System Manager 3.1, and I have some questions:

1. Is there anyway of showing the current transfer rate of a snapmirrored connection, while it's transferring?

2. In the 7-mode GUI, while in the Snapmirror tab you could see the transfer progress online (in Kb). in C-mode I can't find it. Did Netapp removed this feature?

3. I'm using Firefox for the GUI, and I just can't seem to sort any column. Known issue?

4. I've created a new Scheulde and a new Snapshot policy. I'm selecting a volume and try to configure a snapshot policy for it by selecting the "Enable Scheduled Snapshot Copies" option, but then when I try to select the appropriate policy, the above checkbox just clears automaticaly. I found that the only way to override this is to increase the Snapshot Reserve from 0% to 1% (or above) and than select the policy...  This is very strange, because in the CLI I had no problem of attaching a policy to a volume with the Snapshot Reservation set to 0%.

That's it for now, though I might have more question as I go along...




Re: New to Cluster mode - some questions



1. snap mirror show -vserver <name of vserver> -volume <name of volume>

This will show all the facts about the snap mirror, including transfer rate.

2. Use OnCommand Unified Manager

3. and 4. Try the new RC release. I find Firefox works well with OCUM, OCB OC Performance, but Chrome has been best with System Manager. But i am Mac user.

Good Luck!

Re: New to Cluster mode - some questions


Hi Steven,

1. I know this command but it doesn't show current transfer rate. It shows the transfer throttle that has been set (in our case: Unlimitted). Even when I'm in Set Diag mode I don't see a Kb/s field. Or am I missing something?

2. I use OnCommand Unified Manager primarily for defining alarms and monitoring system events and overall funcionality. Where can I see snapmirror transfer status in the Unified Manager?

3+4. Will try Chrome and see how it goes.


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