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Newbie Data Ontap cluster 8.2


Hello Everyone,


I am new to Netapp CDOT so excuse me for stupidity. I was go through the elearning for Ontap cluster fundamental ..this morning.


I have few questions that i tried researching but couldnt find an answer ..I am trying my luck here .


1.  HA pair still exists in Data ontap cluster meaning .. Storage failover must be configured with partner . Help me understand this .. 


Can i have cluster with odd number of nodes i.e  cluster of 3 nodes or 5 nodes ?

Does it have to be in even number so that I can have a partner for each node ?  

If 3 nodes cluster exist , how is HA paired among them ?



2. Can I use ontap 8.3 to simulate failover ?? I read its not possible in ontap 8.2 or below?? How can i test or configure failove in simulator ? 

If you managed to do it .. can you please share procedure ?



3. One last question 🙂 


I just need a high level overview of step by step . ( not in details just a task by task ) > I see there are many helpful blogs on step by step setting cluster ontap.


1 . Create 2 node cluster

2.  Create aggr

3. Create Vserver/SVM

4. Create  file or block protocol LIF for connectivity and volumes 


Since failover isnt possible on simulator .. I want to know opinion from others who are using simulator to practice ? Please give me list of task that i can try on simulator

I went to try failover .it took me lot of effort to understand its not possible . I am tryin to seek help from pro's who have already used simulator and tested functinalites of cluster ontap



Re: Newbie Data Ontap cluster 8.2





For Simulate ONTAP 8.2 Installation and Setup Guide, refer,

The below link describes how to set up and configure clustered Data ONTAP, including initial Vserver configuration.

The below document describes how to install and manage high-availability clustered configurations, including storage failover and takeover/giveback.




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Re: Newbie Data Ontap cluster 8.2




You cannot have a cluster with odd number of nodes.

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