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No Thin Provisioning Option / Automatic Compaction



I noticed while auditing volumes on our DR destination cluster that none of our newest volumes are being thin provisioned or having compaction automatically applied. This is a FAS system but I configured compaction to apply automatically to new volumes, or so I thought. I realized thin provisioning wouldn't happen automatically on a FAS system, so then I had to determine what changed? The issue is the newer SnapMirror interface in System Manager. It doesn't give the option to thin provision destination volumes when you right-click a volume and choose "Protect". Very irritating and somewhat surprising. 


Would love to hear any thoughts on why compaction settings aren't automatically being applied, and/or if the thin provision option makes a comeback after OnTAP 9.3 which is what we are on right now.



To be more clear, well over a year ago I followed instructions in this KB:




I entered the wafl compaction enable command on the aggregates. I just verified the setting is still in place. Despite that, i just added 11 new volumes yesterday and I'm having to manually add the compaction setting. Anyone have an idea why?

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