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OEM plugin not collecting data on cDOT




My DB Engineer and I a re working to get this up and running for collwcting SMO data. I have created an account on the SVM with vsadmin-readonly and an he added it to the OEM package. It seemed to connect correctly. However after 12 hours there is no data to show. What are some of the things that I need to check on the filer to make sure data is flowing to the plugin? Web services are on:


External Web Services: true
Status: online
HTTP Protocol Port: 80
HTTPs Protocol Port: 443
TLSv1 Enabled: true
SSLv3 Enabled: true
SSLv2 Enabled: false
SSL FIPS 140-2 Enabled: false


And https appears to be on:


dns allow
http allow
https allow


Any suggestions?



Hi Michael,


cDOT settings looks fine. Looks to be problem with performance data collection or user account creation. Can you please send the logs generated at the following path:

Goto OEM Agent host: (<agent_inst_folder>/plugins/<netapp_plugin>/scripts/log)


Please send logs: sachin1@netapp.com


Also - Please check if volume details metric is able to fetch the data.


Sachin Maheshwari