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ONTAP 8.3 and TSM snapdiff




We have migrate from 8.2 7mode to 8.3 cluster-mode, we used TSM snapdiff in 7 mode, but the TSM snapdiff Backup is not running on cdot.

I can´t find any Information how to config the snapdiff backup in cdot.

Is TSM snapdiff supportet on 8.3 ?

The TSM Server log:

 ANS2831E Incremental by snapshot difference cannot be performed on '\\testnas\daten$' as it is of type 'Unknown' and is not a NetApp/N-Series 'CIFS' volume.


Can someone help me ?


thx michael



Hello and thank you for bringing this Thread up again Smiley Happy


Your Information provided for Client Release is only correct for the 8.2.x Clustered Data Ontap (cDOT) Release


For 8.3 cDOT Support it is neccesary to use the 7.1.3.x Version of the TSM BAclient (now called IBM Spectrum Protect)


The Bug Description with the Fix Information is linked here:


I've not tested this myself (as our cDOT 8.3.x tests and usage will start beginning of 2016)




Martin Barth


kindly see my post in this discussion - a minimalistic howto and working sample for IBM TSM SnapDiff CIFS Backup in cDOT 8.3.x


if it works for you and if you like it - please give a kudo and/or solution mark.




Martin Barth



This is now supported as of version, which was releaed in July 2015.  I know many customers were pestering them for it to be released.



The answer from support


Snapdiff Backup from Netapp Appliances running cluster-mode is not supported


greats Michael



Hello Michael!


Just a short hint from here - check out the latest 7.1 client release of the tsm baclient (for either windows or linux) to add support for cDot 8.2 Snapdiff Operation.


As of this writing, IBM has not officialy announced 8.3 cDot support officialy, but 8.2 should work (altough i do not have any cDOT running here at my site, only 7mode)


for the future of 8.3 and snapdiff kindly see attached discussion from insiders ...






Thank you Martin

I have open a Case 

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