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ONTAP 9.9 for ESXi 6.0


Has anyone used the latest ONTAP 9.9 with ESXi 6.0?

We have a customer who is still using ESXi 6.0 managed by internal team & wants to leverage our AFF solution using iSCSI.

Any lead shall be helpful.


Re: ONTAP 9.9 for ESXi 6.0


Tried running it or not is moot,  I don't think 9.9.1 is supported on 6.0 as 6.0 went end of support 1+ year ago.  





Re: ONTAP 9.9 for ESXi 6.0


ESXi 6.0 is old, hard to say if iscsi would work and def not on the NetApp IMT.  I think you might have more luck using NFSv3 but still not ideal due to ESX oldness 🙂

Re: ONTAP 9.9 for ESXi 6.0


Not supported. Minimum support is on ESXi 6.5 according to IMT. I wouldn't try plus I would get the customer upgraded on ESX versions.

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