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ONTAP 9 File Systems Analytics with Splunk or OCI


Hi everyone,

I've been trying to figure out how to pull the File System Analytics in ONTAP 9 and ingest, pull export the data into Splunk.  My customer approached me with this question "Can we upload/ingest the ONTAP FS Analytics into Splunk to get real time FS statistic?" when we were testing the new features in ONTAP 9.8 in our lab and discover the File System Analytics.  So I thought I would put it out to the Community to see if anyone else was doing anything similar.

Bye the way, my thoughts are not limited to just Splunk.  I would really prefer to do the same thing with OCI or CI if I could.

So far I've been try to do it via REST API's with is pretty cumbersome primarily do to my knowledge work with API's.

I appreciate all and any input.