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ONTAP AV Connector 1.0.4



I am trying to install the AV Connector 1.0.4 with no success.


The server is a Windows 2016 server

- I am local admin

- I have run the installer as administrator

- I have turned Off UAC


When I try to use the account that will run the AV Connector I get the error "The user name or password is incorrect."

If I try 3 times the Domain account gets "Locked".


This music st be OS-specific cause I cannot get past this to be able to configure the connection to the filer.


Re: ONTAP AV Connector 1.0.4




Just to validate you are on the right track, have you checked step 4 on this guide ?

Installing Antivirus Connector: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1366831/html/GUID-F5E1F5E8-3105-4C1C-9413-B3CD3A98EB90.html


4. In the ONTAP AV Connector Windows Service Credentials dialog box, perform one of the following operations:

  • Enter your Windows service credentials.
  • Click Add to select a user.
This user must be a valid domain user and must exist in the SVMs scanner pool to configure virus scanning.

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