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ONTAP Select / SMB deployment / Single ESXi host



we have number of customers where we have only 1 ESXi host with 4-5 VMs on top of it. From time to time it is hard to migrate data from one to another host, no snapshot capabilities etc etc. Idea is to use ONTAP Select like this:


so I would like to get opinions from people with more experience with this type of deployment? We usually deploy with 8c processor here like 4208 from Intel and as far as cores we do mostly 2:1 on thread.  What is recommended number of vCPU, vRAM for cca 1Tb space?



It depends on the actual workload, I would say. A SQL VM can be idle, or very busy.

The amount (capacity) isn't so important unless you enable inline efficiencies n SSDs.


Since you have some indicators about CPU utilization from existing deployments, you can see (or do a PoC if you can't get real data) if 8c (4c physical) is enough or not. It's a small environment so I'd start with the minimum OTS hardware requirements.


Hello @imadam , was your questioned answered?