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ONTAP Select on VSAN




assuming that a customer has a ready architecture based on a VMware VSAN datastore (that's a common VMFS datastore).

Is it possibile to deploy the OVA of Select on that?


Or does the NetApp software assumes to find a VMFS from a RAID on local disk?

My opinion is that it should work, after all (see pic) the vmdk of Select have to stand on a VMFS. In case it works, is it also supported? 








ONTAP Select cluster node is presented with a datastore that is nothing more than a single LUN on which the VMFS file system has been configured. ONTAP Select provisions a set of virtual disks, or VMDKs, and treats these disks as if they were physical, locally attached spindles. ONTAP then assembles these disks into aggregates, from which volumes are provisioned and exported to clients through the appropriate access protocol.

Refer http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4517.pdf  ONTAP Select Product Architecture and Best Practices page 27 for VMFS limits.

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Yes, my question came for I read that paragraph and that "completely unaware" let me think that I can have a choice to install it on a VSAN.

Anyway it seems that support for VSAN is in the road map for Select.





Since that is a roadmap item I will not say anything but if you have the ability to look at VMWorld sessions, take a look at "File Services on VSAN, STO9423". That may or may not answer some of your questions! 🙂

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