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ONTAP Software on our FAS8040 machine




We currently have two NetApp machines in production, operating on the NetApp release 9.3P3 and 9.4P3 respectively. I'm aware that the latest release is 9.7, and was wondering if there was a pressing need to upgrade our operating system. We're happy where we are, but if there are any crucial features in the later versions, we would appreciate knowing them.


Ideally, we would like to potentially update to 9.6 or 9.5, rather than update to the latest version.


Re: ONTAP Software on our FAS8040 machine


At this point yes.  I would patch to 9.5  and go to 9.6 after that if you want.    You would need to get to 9.5 on either system before you can go higher anyway.  (Yes there is an option to go from 9.3 to 9.7, but it's a double upgrade) 


 I typically wait till P2 or P3 of an OS release before recommending it to my customers. 

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Re: ONTAP Software on our FAS8040 machine




You can see all the fixes between the two versions:


So the version you are using indeed a bit old.  Almost 1000 bugs fixed between 9.7 to 9.3P3



If you want A simple information on what version NetApp suggest you to go is in that KB:



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Re: ONTAP Software on our FAS8040 machine


9.4 is out of support, so I'd upgrade. There are a few design changes on 9.7 that if you serve CIFS it will optimize performance. Also you can migrate to Flexgroups from Flexvols on 9.7.

Re: ONTAP Software on our FAS8040 machine


I would also look at the NetApp release notes and see what issues or enhancements were addressed. I would also look at the NetApp IMT and validate that the rest of your environment is support, as you may have to upgrade (firmware / patches) in the rest of your environment.

I agree that with you, don't upgrade just to be on the bleeding edge.

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