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OSSV 3.0.1P4: OSSV scheduled updates fail on Windows (Bug #665278)

Hi all,

it is just for documentation, in case that someone else run in the same errors as I did (because I couldn't find any entries about it in the web).


We've installed & configured  some new OSSV-Windows-Clients and had the Problem that scheduled updates always exit with the Error:

transfer aborted because of network error.


When you're looking at the snapvault logs (C:\Program Files\netapp\snapvault\etc\snapvault) on the primary system (windows machine), there are ERROR entries like:


Error Querying snapshot: System doesn't contains Snapshot 'sv.test.0'

Cannot backup 'D:\' From invalid snapshot : 'sv.test.0\'


Manual updates from the secondary (netapp controller) always work fine.


Re: OSSV 3.0.1P4: OSSV scheduled updates fail on Windows (Bug #665278)


It is a bug (#665278) in the OSSV Client Software version 3.0.1P4. Upgrading to the version 3.0.1P5 resolved the Problem. See release notes:


Bug fixed in this release:



717134 : OSSV3.0.1 does not exclude files from the path specified in path-exclude.txt

665278 :  OSSV scheduled updates fail on Windows


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