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OSSV Backup issue.


I am facing relationship issue in OSSV backup. Need to release the relationship as its pointing towards wrong filer. Below is the output. As we can see in the below output its pointing at cent-sdc-mc01 were we want it to point at cent-sdc01-fh01.

Could you please suggest what should we do.

c:\Program Files\NetApp\snapvault\bin>snapvault destinations
Path         Destination
C:\          cent-sdc-mc01:/vol/sd1pwsql002_c_backup/sd1pwsql002_SD1PWSQL002_C__

SystemState  cent-sdc01-fh01:/vol/sd1pwsql002/sd1pwsql002_SD1PWSQL002_SystemStat
C:\          cent-sdc01-fh01:/vol/sd1pwsql002/sd1pwsql002_SD1PWSQL002_C__

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Raina

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