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OSSV Snaps not visible in CIFS share


Hi All,

I have a slightly unusual issue with OSSV snaps backing data up to a NetApp CIFS share.

When the initial relationship is being created i can see the OSSV snaps folder listed in the destination CIFS share as soon as the relationship creation is complete the OSSV snap vanishes. On certain servers i can see them as hidden shares but i am unable to restore any data from them and am given an "access deinied" error even though domain admins (which i am a member of) have full access to the share on both the netapp volume and the CIFS share via windows security tab.

I can see that the snap vault is there from the snapvault status command and i have the option to restore the data via the Netapp management console but get an access denied error again when trying to restore.

Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong here?

I have installed the agent on to the server that needs to be snapped. Added it as an OSSV host and then added it to a dataset which creates the relationship automatically.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: OSSV Snaps not visible in CIFS share


As a bit of extra information. I am actually able to see the folder if i untick the "Hide Protected operating system files" is this normal?

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