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OSSV realationship


I had ossv running on a windows 2003 box for a few months, then the site admin decided to uninstall the ossv software. Now after re-installing I cannot get the windows machine to snapvault. When I do a snapvault status on the Windows machine there are no destinations defined. I am new to this product and was wondering if this can be easily repaired. BTW we are using DFM.


Re: OSSV realationship


I am not an expert on OSSV, You can try these steps and see if it helps your situation.

The Open Systems SnapVault database consists of a set of files that contain information about the Open Systems SnapVault relationship between a primary and a secondary storage system.

OSSV agent database backup file :
The database files for an Open Systems SnapVault relationship on the primary storage system are compressed and backed up as a file named .OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP.

If a file named .OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP already exists in the directory being backed up, the second and subsequent files to be created follow the naming convention .OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP_x, where x is an integer used to uniquely identify each file.

Restore (OSSV agent database ):
You can restore the database file by using the snapvault restore command; however, you must include the file name .OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP in the command.

To restore the database from a secondary storage system called f840 to a directory \temp\database on the primary storage system, enter the following command:

D:\Program Files\netapp\snapvault\bin>snapvault restore - S f840:/vol/vol0/rel5/.OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP D:\temp\database

Starting with Open Systems SnapVault 2.2, you can use the snapvault start -r command to resynchronize a relationship without having to reinitialize it.

1  Log in to the secondary storage system.

2  On the console, enter the following command to resynchronize a SnapVault relationship:

filer>snapvault start -r -S prim_host:dirpath /vol/sec_vol/sec_tree
filer>snapvault start -r -S melzhost:C:\melzdir /vol/sv_vol/tree_melz


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Re: OSSV realationship


I tried to perform the steps aboe however when I attempt the restore of the database I get the error:

Have not been supplied a valid absolute restore path

Restore Operation Failed

Error performing restore. Check snapvault log

I do not know what I am typing wrong for the destination. According to the documentation I should be able to supply any path to restore to so I am entering E:\restore by I have tried everything,

Any ideas?

Re: OSSV realationship


This did it once I figured out the syntax for the database file restore.

Re: OSSV realationship


Good. So it looks like you figured it out. Can you share with us, what did you do exactly to get it working. Thanks.

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So I did exactly what you suggested and where I ran into an issue was command syntax. I had to put in the primary's backup volume and provide a file name as well. So let say I am using snapvault to backup e:\ the syntax I needed to restore the OSSV database was as follows:

C:\Program Files\netapp\snapvault\bin>snapvault restore -S filer:<PATH TO SECONDARY QTREE>/.OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP   E:\temp\.OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP

After that I ran the resync commands you provided above and everything worked like a charm. BTW for some reason I am unable to assign your intitial response as correct and award you the points.

Re: OSSV realationship


That's great. I am glad it worked. Thanks for sharing this information with us.  You can try marking it after some time, it happens some times I guess

Re: OSSV realationship




I am completely new to OSSV.  Am I correct in my understanding that I can use OSSV to backup physical servers to a CIFS share for example??


I have a number of physical servers within my environment that need backing up to a disk to disk solution and I thought that OSSV may be a solution for me.


I would appreciate any assistance with this since as i've already mentioned, I am completely new to OSSV.


We have two NetApp Clusters (Clustered OnTAP) 8.2.3 with some SnapVault relationships going between both sites.


I look forward to any responses.





Re: OSSV realationship


unfortunately CDOT does not support OSSV Robot Sad

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