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Offline Autosupport Files


I have logged a case with NetAPP for a performance issue on one of my arrays. This is an offline system,  completely air-gapped from the internet.


I have been able to generate the autosupport report easily, and can browse to it via HTTP. However this is hundreds of files, which I cannot find a way to get off the system as a bundle.


Can anyone advise the best way to zip them up or access them from my windows laptop (windows monkey here, not great with Linux!!).


Thanks in advance



You should be able to pull down a complete file by going to -> 


 Login with your cluster admin account.


You didn't say if you were C-Mode or 7-mode, but most of our customers are C-Mode. You can use https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1087569 to send in a performance archive using OneCollect. It will package the CCMA data into a format we can accept.