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Offline Autosupport Files


I have logged a case with NetAPP for a performance issue on one of my arrays. This is an offline system,  completely air-gapped from the internet.


I have been able to generate the autosupport report easily, and can browse to it via HTTP. However this is hundreds of files, which I cannot find a way to get off the system as a bundle.


Can anyone advise the best way to zip them up or access them from my windows laptop (windows monkey here, not great with Linux!!).


Thanks in advance


Re: Offline Autosupport Files


You should be able to pull down a complete file by going to -> 


 Login with your cluster admin account.

Re: Offline Autosupport Files


You didn't say if you were C-Mode or 7-mode, but most of our customers are C-Mode. You can use https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1087569 to send in a performance archive using OneCollect. It will package the CCMA data into a format we can accept.



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